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Why water type is important to plants

If you do not drink your water (usually tap water from a city or county source), then why would your plants do the same?

Why does the type of water matter? Well, do you drink bleach? Of course not, but if you give your plants straight tap water from a water treatment plant, then you are essentially giving your plants a weakened chlorinated beverage. There are other chemicals and it is not really bleach but it is very close to chlorine. Chlorine in very small minute doses are good for plants, mainly to keep the bad bacteria at bay but it comes at the cost of your plants health and the good bacteria that helps it grow.

So what do you do? Use filtered water, rain water, or have jugs of water sit out 1-5 days to let the water ‘air out’ and the chlorine will evaporate. In places where you know your water is loaded with chemicals, then by all means let that water sit (without a top or lid) for at least 5-7 days.

So what do you do if your plants are looking sad now because you are watering them with straight tap water? Don’t panic because many times the plant will recover without any special intervention. However, you may have to repot the plant with fresh potting soil if you see the soil has a white/moldy substance on it. If the leaves are dead and brown or more than 1/2 (half) yellow, brown, and/or shriveling, then remove those leaves only.

If maybe the plant is just wilting or looking droopy and the soil is moist or wet, then take it out of the pot, check the roots and make sure they are not rotting or rotted off. If the roots are not going to sustain the life of the plant, then you may be able to propagate the top half as long as the crown area (the white of the trunk/stem/leaf where it meets the roots) is healthy and strong. Depending upon the type of plant, you can root it in water, soil, or special medium for the specific plant. If the root crown is hard, then root it and start over again and this time make sure to NEVER use straight tap water. Emergency is okay but have a specific water jug or pitcher just for aerating the water if you do not have a water filter system on your tap or faucet.

If you ever need help, just message me here. Thank you for stopping by and have an amazingly beautiful day my garden friends!

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