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Hello my garden friends! The boutique is currently under maintenance right now. You can still order the garden signs and membership card! I’ll be making a post when the t-shirts and mugs are back up! Have an amazing day everyone! – 8/4/23

$10 DreamStarter Membership Card

This will be the original Garden Frog Gal Dreamstarter membership card which will give shareholders special offers in the Boutique on future purchases for gemstones, original jewelry and creations from my tumbled gold mine rubble. This card will be offered until 12/31/2023 at which time it will be offer cardholders special offers, prices, and even gifts through 2024 at which time membership will expand to include online classes and other fun and exciting ways to create, garden, and inspire each other with Mother Nature as our guide.

The Select button will send you straight to my PayPal account and put in $10 and fill in What For with your name and address please. Thank you so much my garden friend.

$13 Welcome Friends Garden Sign

7″x5″ metal garden sign. This will also be a part of my Dreamstarter

and is a garden sign taken from my own garden. Purchasing this garden sign will qualify you for a special offer from the Gold Mine Rubble Boutique in the future.

The Select button takes you to my direct PayPal where you will need to write Welcome Friends, your name and address. Thank you my garden friends!

$16 Welcome Garden Friends Garden Sign

This is the first and original 8″x10″ garden sign from me, The Garden Frog Gal. This sign will be apart of my Dreamstarter membership as well. This sign will be $16.

One of the main and most important reason for this Dreamstarter is to hire a web designer who can create my website, my way- simple, original, and most of all unique. The second but almost a first- and this one is huge- to buy this property from my son who has decided to take a different direction in life and he sees how important this place is to me.

Put your name, address, and Welcome garden friends. Thank you