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Why I need you to buy something from my online store

Hello I am Renee The Garden Frog Gal and here is my story and why I ask that you please buy something at The Garden Frog Boutique. But first I need to start off by saying “Thank You” for visiting my site even if you cannot find something to buy. I totally get that and this is why I have chosen this avenue to make my dreams come true.

And I will start with the obvious, I need help getting my dreams started. What are those dreams? Create, inspire, and garden with you via my website and social media. I want to tell my story of good, bad, and the ugly of gardening, DIYing, and living life after starting over from scratch.

The only way I know how to get money is to offer a service, product, knowledge, or other (and other is not something I will ever consider). I will not beg, borrow, or steal the money but I will work hard and do my best in whatever my life choice that I am living.

So as of today, 6/7/23 I am in hot pursuit of money. I need it to survive since sold my vehicle for grocery and incidentals/essentials last spring when it broke down (again). I live in the country in a very small town and county in Virginia on my son’s 22 acres I watch over while he is on the road creating my tiny home and garden with only a dream and piece of heaven on earth here in Virginia USA.

I do not want to have ads because I hate ads. I am not going to ask you to subscribe monthly because I am not in to emails myself nor am I consistent. My website will be simple with pictures I take, content I either write or approve, and most of all it will not have any ads to click on or pop ups to ask for your email. If you want to sign up and, once I figure it out, I will have an email to alert you to special and important events, news, and/or information.

I will have to be honest here- that for all the debt I have accumulated in the past year and a half healing and living my journey to being healthier and creating and living my dreams- my life, my way as the matriarch or my family for my 2 sons and daughter in law and my 2 dogs. Family has many definitions and mine just happens to be a sapling from a much larger tree which broke off from the main tree many years ago to root and begin anew in place far away where peace, love, and joy reign.

This is just the beginning; and, as I figure out how to create better merchandise (ie tshirts, signs, cups, etc) and my own special gemstones and polished creations, I can only ask to give me gentle feedback and suggestions of what you want to see and improve. Right now I am working with what I have.

Earlier this year I had very generous person, who wants to remain nameless, give to my dreams through my PayPal. This money helped me so much more than just money to buy my first rock tumblers and groceries- it gave me even more faith that I am on the right path, finally.

My faith is strong most days and after a year and a half I am ready to begin:

Creating and inspiring others to always put peace, love, and joy in their hearts through my Garden Frog Gal journey. I have a story that begins with a memory of eating veggies right out of the garden when I was around 4. Elementary school and my science fair projects always revolved growing plants and rocks. Every place I have ever lived I have had plants and so my love of nature has been 50 something years.

This may be a long shot and it is one I have put everything on, betting that it will pay off. Eventually this dream leads me to giving back and paying it forward. I am Blessed and Grateful that for a year and a half I have lived on faith and hope…

Hope that one day I can live my dream life.

I am living now focusing on me and what I want to do with my life. It has been hard. Harder than being a mom. I still have some things to learn about self care and self love but I do know that gardening makes me happy. Creating my tiny home has been the most fulfilling DIY project ever. I will tell you that story at another date.

Thanks so much for reading and following along on my journey. I hope that you have an amazingly beautiful day my garden friend.

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  1. Olga Leal Arguijo Avatar
    Olga Leal Arguijo

    One foot in front of the other. Blessings on your new journey.

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