The Garden Frog Gal

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

Who is The Garden Frog Gal

Who is The Garden Frog Gal?

The Garden Frog Gal is a self proclaimed spokesgardener for Mother Nature. She wants simplicity in life. She is a nature loving, tree hugging, flower sniffing, rock collecting, cultivator of all things beautiful. Working with Mother Nature to create beautiful spaces with many finds and treasures she finds along her journey. She will evolve and grow because as humans, that is what we are supposed to do.

The Garden Frog Gal embraces the “what it means to love plants and the overwhelming desire to have and be surrounded by nature”.

The Garden Frog Gal is a gardener who fills their life with nature to grow and create beautiful things that fill life with happiness. This makes you a spokesgardener for Mother Nature and a friend to The Garden Frog Gal. So…

If you would rather be alone talking to the bees while smelling the intoxicating scent of honeysuckle alone in your garden, then you are a gardener. If you grow a garden in a pot, you are a gardener. If you have a cutting from a friend’s houseplant on your windowsill, you are a gardener. Most importantly, if you bring visitors to your ‘garden’ to share in your joy of blooms, bees, butterflies, and birds…

You are a gardener.

If you convert them to the green side, then you definitely are a spokesgardener!

Yes, the green side, where Mother Nature rules and where CREATING. INSPIRING. GARDENING WITHOUT THE RULES! was born.

Have an amazingly beautiful day filled with peace, love, and joy my garden friends.

C Renee, The Garden Frog Gal

PS I have to acknowledge my friends and my Facebook ‘friends’ who helped me on my healing journey. Thank you. The support and love helped me more than you can ever imagine.

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