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Who am I? I am eccentric, unique, and…

Who am I?

When I am at a garden center and I overhear someone talking or asking themselves will this plant work, I wait a minute and determine if I should jump in (and somewhere in my brain I am saving the day) as some supergardener complete with good vibes and attitude to help them out. If I hear someone getting bad advice, I have to hold myself back from jumping in too quickly and offending the person dishing out the bad gardening advice.

It takes a level head and an open mind to be mindful with newbies and “masters”- gardening is not a science and it definitely has no definite rules! If it did, I would not have had my collection of prized hostas and houseplants in the same pots for 7 years now. I would not be surrounded by beauty in my home and secret garden.

So…Who am I?

I am a gardener.

What am I?

I am an enthusiastic and loving caretaker for Mother Nature.

No I am not a landscaper. I do not design for straight lines and perfect lawns. I work with NATURE (Mother Nature, Source, God) to determine where my plants will thrive and grow. I work with the land, sun, and the overall area to determine if a water feature or maybe a beautiful tree will adorn that area.

I am not a landscaper. I will not redirect what nature has put down. I will work with her to determine what is best to maintain the integrity of the land I call home.

No I am not a master gardener. I could be. Don’t want to be. The only master I serve is Source. God. Universe. Mother Nature. I actually have respect for those who do and are successful with this title.

However, titles do not mean anything to me. I am a gardener who is learning after 50 plus years that sometimes a plant just dies. Or sometimes it thrives against all odds.

I feel it in my energy. I feel it in my heart.

What is “it”?

It is a deep sense. A sense that I have embraced my whole life. I just know and feel it sometimes where something should be.

I work with the sun and the soil. I work with dry areas and compacted red clay soil filled with rocks. I have worked with beautiful black soil. I have helped to create beautiful soil out of red clay. I bring nature back to life.

I am a gardener. I am a guardian to nature and this place we call Earth.

Who is The Garden Frog Gal?

She is the spokesgardener for Mother Nature. Our Source for all that is; for all that was; and for all that will be.

That is who I am.

Just a gal who loves Mother Nature and the beautiful birds, bees, and butterflies that visit my garden. Just a gal who wants to help anyone who wants to bring blooms and beauty in to their life whether it be in garden- large or small; or even a windowsill in your tiny apartment. I have been there, done that. I am here to spread what I have learned and my stories and DIY projects along the way. Thank you for stopping by and have an amazingly beautiful day!

C Renee

The Garden Frog Gal

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  1. Connie Presley Avatar
    Connie Presley

    You are also a terrific teacher and in sync with Gods creation. Keep up the great work!😃

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