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The Garden Frog Gal is Under Construction

Under construction and it may take a while.

It’s May 5, 2023 and it has been a few months since I started on this perilous journey to redo and combine my old websites under the name The Garden Frog Gal. A dream spanning over 10 years now. No one seems to understand what I want out of a website. I know what may be ‘mainstream’ but I am in no way a traditional, normal anything so why would I have a beautiful website filled with magazine worthy pictures luring you in and then bombarding you with ads so I can live a lifestyle of the internet influencers using filters and pretending I actually practice what I preach.

I am in no way normal. I am under construction. My garden is and will always be a work in progress because weeds, just like bills, keep on coming…

I need to make a living. My dream is to have this website self sustained by my creative ideas through my Boutique- The Garden Frog Boutique- which is my online store that will be offering merchandise I design with the help of my personal assistant, right hand gal, Liz. She’s my beautiful daughter in law who is working with the promise of payment once money comes in. Now that is faith for her to work without a paycheck for a few weeks. I love my family.

So please have patience because I am very technologically challenged. I am old school pen and paper. My daughter in law and youngest son are in Kentucky and so this is all done remotely through video chats and me trying to fumble through internet apps that I do not understand. I just want to create. I just want to play in the garden. I do not want to sit at a desk.

I will not have ads. I will not be paid to try products. I will give you tips and tricks that have worked for me. I make mistakes and I will not stop. I work with Mother Nature and I will help you too. There are no rules just bring a positive attitude and accept peace, love, and joy in your world.

Life takes time and so will this website. I have lots of projects old and new. Money saving, practical repurposing, and funny moments that let you know that my garden will never have a straight line just like my tiny home- not a square wall I built (LOL).

Have an amazingly beautiful day filled with peace, love, and joy my garden friends.

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