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Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

Creating, inspiring, and gardening without the rules

Hello my garden friends and welcome to my blog buzz and what it all means when I say “creating, inspiring, gardening without the rules”. A tag line I have had for around 10 years which best describes who I am, what I am, and why I do what I do.


First I have to explain that creating has come naturally to me my whole life. Looking back (especially my adult years) I have found I have created many solutions to many of my own situations. I have been a DIYer painting my bedroom back in 1982 and building my loft bed in my super tiny teenage bedroom.

Over the years I have remodeled, designed, built, shared, and learned a lot of what not to do. I have learned to improvise and use what I have. I love finding treasures at a yard sale and turning it in to a garden light or garden feature. I find so much satisfaction in creating that I cannot put in a category what I create anymore.

My mind is all over the place. This is important for you to know. My brain works in this constant state of thinking and analyzing and sometimes it is not so good. All that matters is that my dreams have always revolved around me sharing what I have learned.

Recycle, upcycle or repurpose it is whatever it is depending upon what you are doing. Confused? Don’t be because if you find another purpose for a discarded or saved piece of ‘junk’ for a project one day, then you understand the creative part of being an upcycler, recycler, or repurposer. Now I admit there are some things that must be disposed of properly but many items thrown in the trash can be turned in to something useful and beautiful.


I just want to inspire. I don’t want to say something just to say it. I have stories to tell and adventures to discover. If I can inspire just one person a day to step outside of their comfort zone and try something different…

whether that be growing a houseplant or creating a secret garden, then I have achieved part of my dreams.

Gardening without the rules!

I have reference books dating back 70 years. I garden with an attitude of love and kindness and a can do attitude. Oh I do get uneasy and sometimes scared $h!=l3ss but when the world seems so angry and unkind, I just go out and dig in the dirt, walk barefoot in the green grass, and talk to my plants.

Mother Nature is the ruler. You can plan all you want and that’s great to have a plan but have a back up too. I have grown things in the same pot for 7 years without changing anything or adding fertilizer and I have killed a healthy plant with no apparent cause of death. I have learned from books and others but most of mine comes from just feeling…

I can only describe my gardening as a feeling that I just know…you have had that, haven’t you? When you just know something because you learned it (like 1+1=2) or an instinct like knowing when you are hungry, both of those describe how I feel when creating a garden. I take in the whole area and sun positions. The soil and contours of the landscape to determine where I will place a pond or new garden bed.

I would love (and this is part of my dream) to help you create your special garden. A piece of heaven that you can grow to nurture you to happiness and a sense of well being. Yes, it is a scientifically proven thing that gardening is good for you. Google it.

Want proof? Then grow a veggie, flower, windowsill, or patio garden and discover the exciting world of bees, butterflies, and blooms. Oh don’t forget birds and bugs too but that’s okay because you have to have all these creatures of nature to bring about the amazing beauty of Mother Nature.

Thank you for stopping by. Have an amazingly beautiful day

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